Chair Based Fitness

Our Chair-Based Fitness sessions last for an hour, with a short water break at half time. We encourage you to sit tall at the edge of your chair and do as much as you feel you can! All the sessions are accompanied by well-known music tracks which provide a beat and lift the spirits.

You will start with a thorough warm-up, then move on to a full body workout including exercises for the legs, arms, core (hips, back and all the muscles in the mid-section of your body), and abdominals. You will end the session with a cool-down and a few minutes of relaxation.

Click on the video clips below to get an idea of what we do. It really is amazing how much of a full body workout you can achieve whilst sitting tall in a chair! We also perform several exercises standing up, using the chair for support, thus working on your posture and balance, reducing the risk of falls. Resistance bands are used to further tone your muscles and improve your strength and flexibility.


Fun Routines

Each month we learn a new routine as part of our workout, which provides a lot of laughs and some brain training too! Routines so far have included “Wig Wam Bam”, “Hands Up”, “Tragedy”, “Star Trekkin” and “Macarena”.

Take a look at our interpretation of “Gangnam Style” – hopefully it will make you smile too!