Our Wonderful Volunteers

We are very fortunate to have so many Volunteers who help support the organisation to provide the services we offer. We have the four weekly Fitness sessions, monthly Coffee Mornings, outings, parties, quiz nights, table top sales and other fund raising activities.
As with most charities we rely heavily on our Volunteers and are very aware that without them we would not survive. We really value their support, dedication and commitment.

Neil and Sue

Monday mornings wouldn’t be the same without Neil and Sue behind the counter serving refreshments to everyone.

Selena, Joyce and Marian.

Selena, Joyce and Marian help out in many ways: they help in the Fitness sessions, making sure people feel comfortable and at ease, they help serve refreshments, and can always be seen helping at our activities and events.


Julia has many roles volunteering with us. She helps at the reception desk, does volunteer driving, helps at our events and activities and is also a Committee member.


Alison has joined our team of E4M Volunteers and is a friendly face on the reception desk at all our Fitness sessions.


Eddie has been volunteering as a driver with us for over a year now.  Eddie is always happy to lend a hand and is always cheerful, chatty and supportive to everyone.


Pam is a long-time Volunteer and is there every week, rolling her sleeves up, making sure the refreshments are ready for everyone.

Jim and John

We are lucky to have the very talented Jim and John who are, respectively, our master of ceremonies and DJ for our parties.

We have many more wonderful volunteers:

Alan, Daphne, Helen, Julia, Pam, Jenny-May, Emma, Faye (photo’s to follow)
Also lots of our members support us at our events, helping to run stalls, donating prizes and cakes and wherever we need help.
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