Exercising for Mobility is extremely fortunate to have a strong, loyal, resourceful and dedicated Board of Trustees. They give their time and skills freely to the Charity, and are the backbone of the organisation. Without our Trustees E4M would not be able to provide this much-needed provision so successfully.

Janet McCulley – Chair

I am Janet McCulley, a mother, a grandmother and a retired Primary School Headteacher. Since January 2010 I have been Chair and Trustee of the Registered Charity, Exercising For Mobility. I have always thrived on meeting a challenge. Mac and I came to live in the remote town of Bude in 2009. I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years earlier and when I found there were few facilities for those who were disabled, or had a long-term health condition, I applied for a Lottery Grant. I know that social exercise is important for everyone and this first Lottery Grant enabled a group of us to set up Exercising For Mobility. We started with a handful of people and with the help of two more Lottery Grants we now have 200 members, twenty volunteers and six people who are paid from the grant.

Marian Sedgwick – Honorary Treasurer/Trustee

I am the Honorary Treasurer/Trustee for Exercising for Mobility (E4M) since my appointment in April 2017. My role is to pay accounts/invoices, maintain accounting records, produce reports and present the Annual Accounts to members at the AGM.

I attend E4M’s Chair-Based Fitness sessions which aid my mobility and other medical conditions. I also enjoy the social functions E4M provides: tea dances, Christmas parties and outings. Our instructors and staff are caring and helpful and I really look forward to our sessions. I believe E4M to be unique in its approach to physical health and mental well-being.

I am retired now – I worked 22 years in Local Government, the last 16 as a Town Clerk. My work involved advising Cornish Councils on legal matters, ensuring that financial regulations were adhered to. I have a BA (Hons) in Local Government Policy. My interests are reading non-fiction, gardening, knitting/crochet, animal welfare and my Sprollie-dog, Minnie.

Joyce Bickerstaff – Vice Chair

I joined Exercising for Mobility as a Volunteer in January 2010. I participate in Exercise Sessions, providing members with support, encouragement and, if necessary, help. More recently I have taken on the role of Vice Chair of the Trustees for E4M, helping with Fund Raising Events and Social Activities for our members.

As a retired Occupational Therapist, I understand and appreciate the value this Fitness Charity provides. Not only do the exercises help maintain and improve mobility but E4M provides a valuable social network for its members. Not only do they chat to one another over refreshments, but they also enjoy outings together and join in with the social activities organised throughout the year.
Since retirement I have volunteered with a number of organisations including, Age UK, Victim Support, YHA, and Bude Toy Library. I continue to volunteer with Exercising for Mobility because it is a local Charity that provides a unique and valuable service for its community.

Mac McCulley – Secretary

My name is Terence McCulley otherwise known as Mac. I was born in Guildford and went to Birmingham University, where I met my wife Janet. I studied for a degree in archaeology and then entered the teaching profession. Later I became Headteacher of a large comprehensive school in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

All my leisure time was spent with the family, except when I was running marathons, or at the Judo Club where I was awarded a Dan Grade Black Belt. After 25 years I retired from my Headship and then Janet and I did lots of long distance walking and backpacked around many places in the world. You will often hear our children tell friends, ” Our Mum and Dad backpacked the World on 2/6d!”

Zinnia Symonds

Zinnia has a great enthusiasm for Exercising for Mobility, she has a lovely sense of humour and is a brilliant story teller. Zinnia is very well known in the community and is involved with CAMEO and the Church. Zinnia also brings her husband Tim, to many of E4Ms events to help. Zinnia’s commitment and dedication is a great asset for  the organisation.

Ray Hopgood

Ray has been with E4M since day one, he was the Vice Chair until recently.  Ray is very positive person and the support he provides is of great value.  Ray has Parkinson’s and yet he still manages to support E4M and quite often is seen riding his bike! Ray is a well know character in Bude.

Jim Smith – Trustee

Jim is an acting Trustee of the Charity helping out by assisting with IT matters as required and with the help of one of the members provides music and announcing for the various events run by the charity during the year.
He has produced administrative documentation together with posters and flyers previously.

I believe this Charity provides a great inspiration and practical help for people with long-term ailments. The exercise sessions are fun and together with the other arranged activities it provides a good social environment for the members and improves their health.

Jim originally worked in the Marine insurance industry becoming involved in systems work in the 1970s, ending up working for Lloyds of London and Lloyds Brokers until retirement. During the 1980s he purchased his own machines and has continued to do so as computer developments appeared. He created a trial website for the Charity as a voluntary project.